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The summer reading program at the Bayville Free Library is a fun and free way to connect readers of all ages and skill levels to books.  The program helps motivate children to read, develop positive attitudes about reading and books, enables children to maintain their reading skills during summer vacation, encourages regular use of the Library and offers experiences through which children can learn to work cooperatively. While it is technically called a “club” the program is completely self-guided.


  • Register to join the club beginning on June 10th at our Summer Reading Kick-Off Event with the Sciencetellers. All you have to do is fill out a form and you are a club member! You’ll also receive a great prize just for joining.
  • Record the books you have read in your reading log which is kept in the Children’s Room of the Library. These titles can be books found in the Children’s Room or in your home library. Record your books as often as you would like and choose a DIY Kit as a reward.  Complete the program by reading 30 books or for a total of 10 hours & receive a coupon book filled with free goodies!
  • Many parents choose to visit the Library once a week to get new books and to records the books they have enjoyed. The children can read books from their required reading lists (which we have put aside in the Children’s Room) or books for pleasure. In addition, we offer many fun and educational programs throughout the summer to keep the children entertained and to encourage them to visit the Library!
  • At the end of the summer you get to keep your reading log to bring in to school to show your teacher. A list of club members will be sent to the school and their names will be read over the loud speaker in September!
  • The ten readers in grades 3-5 who read and record the most books in their reading log will be invited to our Library Lock-In Pizza Party & Ice Cream Social on August 11.

The Benefits of Summer Reading Programming for Children:

  • Children are motivated to read.
  • Children develop positive attitudes about reading, books, and the library.
  • Children maintain their reading skills during summer vacation.
  • Children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery.
  • Children have access to experiences through which they can learn to work cooperatively.

Summer Reading List

Can’t make it into the Library to log the books you are reading? No problemo! Click here